Australia wants to close casinos

The main tool of Australian authorities to close the casinos should be a pre-commitment system, which is the introduction of a “prepayment” before the start of the game, which should limit the maximum scale of…

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Popularity of casinos in Australia

As you know, bookmakers are also among the gambling entertainment. All over the world, the number of such virtual institutions is only increasing, since they are very popular. Perhaps this is due to the fact…

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Online gambling in Australia

Gambling in Australia has been very popular for many years. It is believed that more than 80% of the adult population of this country is addicted to gambling, which elevates this region to the peak…

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Casino in Australia

From the very beginning yes no one paid any attention to the Australians. Who would have thought that everyone was wrong?! Perhaps this situation has developed due to the fact that the gambling business here…

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