Online gambling in Australia

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Gambling in Australia has been very popular for many years. It is believed that more than 80% of the adult population of this country is addicted to gambling, which elevates this region to the peak of the world rating of this sphere. About 19 billion Australian dollars (which is more than 3% of the average expenditures of the population) accounted for legal gambling. And this includes both land gambling establishments and online casino sites in Australia.
While the country’s federal government only partially regulates the field of gambling (as a rule, this applies to advertise and online gambling sites in Australia), individual states introduce their own laws of gambling. The total number of various gambling houses (including casinos on cruise ships), horse and dog running tracks in the country is more than 400. Since gambling is considered to be a recreational activity and winning is seen as a matter of luck, not as earnings, the government does not collect taxes from the winners.
However, online gambling has many limitations in Australia. So, if lotteries, bingo, dog racing, and horse racing are entirely legal, then casino games do not comply with the laws of online gambling in Australia and are banned. Despite the fact that now the government issues licenses to companies that intend to launch their online gambling sites, however, they are not allowed to accept Australian players.
In any case, there are about 2,200 overseas online gambling sites in Australia, and this number is continuously growing. Taking into account the fact that the restrictions are directed more towards the operators and not the players, the gamblers themselves can use that site and its mobile version, which attracts more and more of new players.
Regulators estimate that in Australia online gambling is increasingly gaining popularity among the public. So, about 1.5 billion Australian dollars are spent on it, 900 million of which are directed to unlicensed foreign operators. These are mainly bookmakers, online casino sites in Australia and poker rooms. The rest of the amount falls on the internal portals, mostly online sports betting sites.