Australia wants to close casinos

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The main tool of Australian authorities to close the casinos should be a pre-commitment system, which is the introduction of a “prepayment” before the start of the game, which should limit the maximum scale of the player’s losses. The restriction will be “voluntary”, and, of course, the most avid fans of gambling will hardly be able to use it. But, according to psychologists, the whole point of such innovations is that a person should at least just tear himself away from the machine gun. The last goal, by the way, should serve as special warnings that will appear on the device screen. As early as 2014, all new poker machines should be equipped with a “prepaid” system and warnings of a too long gambling session.

However, the initiative has caused criticism from almost all participants in the process. First of all, the players themselves are unhappy.

“If you look at the picture as a whole, the state is simply trying to become a nanny for the citizens,” one of the regulars of gambling clubs Peter Bell is outraged.

“This measure is almost useless. Which players will voluntarily limit themselves and stop on time? Half of the gamers do not realize that their addiction is a problem,” echoes Bell to the representative of the anti-gaming organization Getup! Erin McCallum in her opinion, it is necessary not to make the automaton warnings, but to limit the maximum amount of bets.

Gambling owners also do not believe in the effectiveness of the measures taken. “Let’s remember why people play at all? To win! This is both relaxations and at the same time enjoying your own freedom,” affirms Clubs Australia executive director Anthony Ball. The businessman is worried not so much by the need to upgrade the equipment, but by the precedent that has appeared: in his memory, the state for the first time began to regulate such business as poker machines. At the same time, numerous gambling clubs now bring the budget 7.2 billion Australian dollars a year, and the number of employees in the industry is estimated at 96 thousand people.