Gambling in Australia

Gambling in Australia

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According to the new bill, all online casinos and online poker rooms will be banned throughout the country, and the document will enter into force within 30 days. Reports in the local press showed that the planned blocking of unlicensed Internet service providers targeted at Australian players will not take place in the near future.

While the federal government only partially regulates the sphere of gambling (as a rule, this applies to advertising and online gambling sites in Australia), some states are introducing their own gambling laws. The total number of various gambling houses (including casinos on cruise ships), horse and dog treadmills in the country is more than 400. Since gambling is considered a recreational activity, and winnings are considered as a matter of luck, and not as earnings, the government does not charges the winners taxes.

Amendments to the online gambling regulation law require all companies wishing to operate in this market to be licensed in Australia. However, no regulatory framework for online operators yet exists.

Interestingly, Senator David Leyonhelm was a major supporter of iGaming, repeatedly stating that online poker should not be classified as casino games, as it is a game of skill and should be excluded from any prohibition. Moreover, the senator advocates the development of a regulated online gambling industry market that includes proper regulation and taxation, rather than a complete ban. But the senator’s opinion was not taken into account when passing the law.

Many operators decided to leave the market after the development of the bill. PokerStars, 888poker, 32red and Gaming Innovation have left the Australian online poker market.

Recall that in June the government of Western Australia lifted the ban on gambling in casino liners with immediate effect.

Online gambling all the materials The people of Australia are the most gambling casino enthusiasts. Recently, a global study was conducted to identify the country in which people live, most susceptible to gambling. This country has become Australia, where a huge number of people play online gambling, spending a huge amount of hours and money on it. It was the Australians who were awarded the title of the most gambling virtual players in the world who are ready to play online casinos more than others.